Margaret A. Hamilton, O.D.

Our Practice

Dr. Margaret A. Hamilton, O.D.

Dr. Hamilton graduated summa cum laude from The OSU College of Optometry. She has been in private practice for 25 years. She attended Miami University receiving membership in the Phi Sigma biology honors for undergraduate work in Microbiology. She is a member of the American Optometric Association, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Miami Valley Society of Optometrists, Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra, and has volunteered on the Education Foundation for West Carrollton Schools, her alma mater. She has also served as Treasurer for the Miami Valley Society of Optometrists. Dr. Hamilton was invited to be an Instructor at the Optometry Clinics at the OSU College of Optometry. She is committed to children's visual well-being, providing vision screenings for preschools, elementary schools, health fairs, and has given vision exams and eyeglasses fittings at JFK elementary in Kettering. Dr. Hamilton is a volunteer for "Infant See" providing no-charge comprehensive examinations to infants. See for more info.

She is married with one child and resides in Miami Township.

Eye Care Technology

Canon Automatic Refractor and Keratometer allows rapid accurate testing for proper prescription without any work needed from the patient. Just look inside the unit, while the optics computer does the rest. The doctor follows this with verification by refraction to customize your Rx to the proper focus.

Humphrey Matrix Visual Field Analyzer tests for peripheral vision loss that can indicate glaucoma or other optic nerve disease earlier than eye pressure testing alone. New technology makes this a quick and easy test for the patient in less than 2 minutes.

Tonopen by Medtronics measure eye pressure for glaucoma screening in seconds. It looks like a digital thermometer and gives accurate readings comfortably without a puff of air.

Zeiss Cirrus OCT retinal scanner for macular degeration and glaucoma.